I'm Asking too much for this world

I think I'm asking too much for this world. I rarely satisfy with what I have. When I listen to this short lecture (around 4 minutes) given by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, I'll think about the state of my heart - extra works need to be planned and executed. I must clean my heart and this has become my primary aim. Only one question left..when?

Below is the transcript of the lecture - of course, just a part of it:Abu Hazim r.a. said:
"If you seek in this world what suffices you, then you should know that least of this world would suffice you.

And if you seek from this world what will fulfill you, and you are not fulfilled by what suffices you, there is nothing in this world that would fulfill you."It seems confusing? You want an explanation? Just download the lecture and listen. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf speaks well =). You may download the lecture HERE. Or you may go HERE to see the complete list of free lecture published by Zaytuna Institute. I did listen to this lecture quite frequently.